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Refund policy

Refund Policy
Notice of cancellation must reach the RESERVATION (Telephone: +91-135-2521400/01/02, Email: info@Hotel Shagun, reception@Hotel Shagun and duly acknowledged by the same office 72 hours (3 days) ahead of arrival date.

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Around Dehradun

Pilgrims & Picnic Spot Places


  • Rajaji National Park-

    Founded in 1966, it is spread over an area of 820.42  aquare kilometres. Located in Shivalik ranges, it has 23 species of mammals. Named after Shri C. Rajgopalachari, the last Governor General of India, who was affectionately called Rajaji, this place is a must visit for nature lovers.

  • Sahastradhara-
    Sahastradhara, or the 'thousand springs' is situated at a distance of 16 kilometers from Dehradun near Rajpur Village. Springs here are biggest draw and allows people get freshen up by putting there fatigued body in the fresh water. The sheer joy of swimming in the fresh water is too tempting and as such it is not a surprise to see plenty of people assembling here to take a splash. Sulphur here is reputed to cure skin infections and contain other medicinal properties as well.

  • Robbers' Cave (Guchhupani)-
    An ideal picnic destination, it is situated at a distance of eight kilometers in Anarwala Via Garhi cantt. The buses run up to Anarwala village, from where it is a kilometre's trek to this place. One of the features that make this place popular is the fact that a stream of water goes underground and re-appears a few meters away.

  • Santaura Devi Temple-
    Situated at a distance of 16 kilometres from Dehradun, in Santaur Garh, this temple is extremely popular amongst devotees. As per the popular legend, Santaura Devi and her brothers, on realizing that they cannot withstand the might of their enemies threw their weapons and prayed to god. Their prayers were answered and they were transformed to stone images. Saturdays are marked as the day when the goddess and her brother were transformed into stone.

  • Malsi Deer Park-
    About 9 kilometres from Dehradun, on Mussoorie Road, is Malsi Deer Park, the most recently developed picnic spot nestld in the foothills of Shivalik range. It is a mini Zoological park and is home to such splendid creatures like deers, panthers, sambhars etc. which attract the visitors and force them to visit again and again. The place also comprises of such attractions like children park and refreshment stalls.

  • Tapkeshwar Temple-
    Situated on the banks of a rivulet in Garhi Cant., 7.5 kilometres from city bus stand , this Shiva temple is an ancient place of worship. It is called Tapkeshwar because the water drops emanating from a rock, fall on the 'Shivling' located in the same shrine. The fair organised here witnesses the enthusiastic participation of people from every walk of life.

  • Fun 'N' Food Kingdom-
    Situated in Kohulagarh in Prem Nagar, 11 Kilometres from Clock Tower, it is one of the attractions of the region. With some outstanding water games Fun 'N' Food has established itself as an attraction around Dehradun. The biggest attraction of the place are different games that are introduced here. Games like water slides, water discos, kids pool etc. are extremely popular amongst kids and go a long way in popularizing the spot.

  • Tapovan-
    Nestled in dazzling landscape, five kilometres from city bus stand towards Nalapani via Raipur Road, this place is extremely popular amongst devotees and picnickers. As per a popular legend, Dronacharya has done penance here. The sight of families or a group of school children on an outing is one sight that is not very uncommon here.

  • Chandrabani-
    Located at a distance of 10 kilometres from Dehradun in village Saba Sevala Kela via Mohabbewala, is the famous Chandrabani temple.  As per the popular belief, this place was the home of sage Gautam, his wife and their daughter Anjani who are worshipped by people of the region. It is also believed that holy river Ganga had manifested herself here and as such the place is also popular as 'Gautum Kund'. Every year devotees jostle with each other to take a dip in this holy 'kund'.

  • The Great Stupa-
    Situated in Clement Town, via Saharanpur Road, this hundred eighty five feet long structure was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama. The stupa contains four kinds of relice, numerous dharanis and various old and sacred statues in the form of wisdom deities. It was constructed with the purpose of all happiness and benefit. Its purpose is also to dispell all degenerations like sickness, warfare, turmoil, conflict, famine, earthquakes, horrors etc.

  • The Statue of Buddha-
    Another of the attraction of Dehradun is great statue of Buddha. This 103 feet high statue of Buddha is dedicated of the Dalai Lama. it is surrounded by beautiful garden with verity of beautiful flowers . A number of visitors, even from far off countries, come here to pay their obeisance to this apostle of peace.

  • Lakshmansidh Temple -
    Located in the lachhiwala forests in in shivalik range, 12 kilometers from Dehradun, towards haridwar/rishikesh is Lakshmansidh Temple. A very popular destination amongst The visitor’s .especially for people with religious bent of mind.

  • Lachhiwala -
    Twenty –two kilometers from Dehradun is lachhiwala, a popular picnic spot situated on the bank of river song. The biggest advantage of lachhiwala is that it is extremely economical and as such can be enjoyed by people from every walk in life. A boat ride here costs only Rs 5 Crowded during the tourist season, these pales has a lovely picnic garden garden as well. Needless to say that it is equally popular amongst kids as it is amongst elders.

  • The fun vally -
    Thirty two kilometers from Dehradun, on haridwar road, fun valley. This amusement park is one of its kinds and is often thronged by people visiting Dehradun, rishikesh and haridwar . it has such features like lazy river , multiple water slides , kids pool and water disco . In addition to this it also has racing cars, dragon coaster, mini train, coin games and mini tale –combat games.

  • Guru ram rai darbar -
    The art from of the region have greatly infused the wall painting at the Durbar Sahib , the seat of Guru ram rai , which were painted in three phases , from early 17th century to middle of the 19th century . They are a slight to behold. The Archaeological survey of India has taken up the restoration of darbar sahib’s wall painting depicting the mughal , rajasthani and kangra style of mural paintings . The walls of the Guru ram Rai Complex present richly decorated painting on various subjects .most prominent are scenes from the mahabharat , gita ,ramayan and Krishna leela . Besides noor jahan , heer –ranjha and laila – majnu , some britishers also find place in the painting of the famous durbar sahib .”

  • Mussoorie -
    Located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Dehradun, Mussoorie is amongst one of the most frequently visited places and a hot spot for planning an excursion in. Musoorie, the queen of all hill stations, is replete with many stunningly beautiful place, that attract the visitor and have them gasping for more. The weather as well as the vibrant social life also plays its part in making mussoorie one of the most frequently hill station in the country .also the wonderful opportunity that it provides of trekking or merely walking amongst the pines and deodars in the backdrop of the Himalaya is simply amazing. Needless to say that it faces invasion of visitor’s season after season.

  • Chakrata -
    Famous for its calm environment and pollution free atmosphere, chakrata is situated at a distance of 98 kilometers from Dehradun armed with some of most fascinating locales; it is just perfect for trekkers and nature lovers. Some of the most scenic forests like that of conifers, rhododendrons and oaks provide a perfect opportunity for long leisurely walks.

  • Lakhamandal -
    It is a picturesque village on the bank of river yamuna , 128 kilometers from Dehradun ,. A mesmerizing place , lakhamandal is surrounded by caves and ancient remains of the temple of lord shiva it is believed that by performing prayers in the temple , one can achieve deliverance from his sins .while carrying out the excavation , ‘Shiva lingams’ of various hues were found , dating different periods of history .

  • Dakpathar -
    A famous and beautiful picnic spot, it is approximately 50 kilometers from Dehradun. One of the major attractions of the place is hydel power station which is located on the downstream of the dakpathar barrage. There are many guest houses where one can stay and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

  • Asan Barrage -
    A wetland, it lies 50 kilometers from Dehradun, at the confluence of two rivers – yamuna and asan . An ideal place for bird lover as well as water – sport enthusiasts, it enthralls nature lovers with its 66 species of migratory birds. To conserve the endangered species of birds the asan conservation reserve has been formed. asan water sport centre & Resort, GMVN : near asan barrage , it offers water –skiing , kayaking ,sailing and boating (Pedal boats and motorboats) facility to visitors.

  • Kalsi -
    Situated at the confluence of yamuna and its tributary tons, it is approximately 56 kilometers from Dehradun. Kalsi offers some of the most breathtaking view a of doon valley. The place is just ideal for such recreational activities like an outing or picnic with friends and family, or a quite walk or drive amidst the chirping or birds. kalsi is also witness to the glory of king ashoka , as in 3rd century BC it was the the furthest point of the dominion of this mighty mauryan emperor . The place is also famous for the rock edict of ashoka.

  • Treks and walks-
    Trek to Mussoorie: Before the road to Mussoorie was build. The old trekking route to Mussoorie was the only way to get there (people would walk or ride or be carried up on ‘dandis’) .today, the route still exists and probably quite like it used to be all those years ago. A bus will take you right uyp to Shehanshahi Ashram, from where the trekking route starts and ends at jhari –pani . it is a fairy sleep climb which can take from 2 to about 3 hours for a distance approximately 4 to 5 kilometers . The entire trek up to the picture palace side of Mussoorie is approximately 7 kilometres. The walk takes you up a stony pathway with lush greenery that a breather and look all around you. The view of the valley behind and the slopes on either side is enough to take away any stress that you might have carried with you.

    If you take this trek in the dry season, carry a water bottle. Before you start, have a chat with sunil kumar chai wala who runs the hathi tes – stall below shehanshahi ashram and he will guide you with a quick set of directions.
    Walk through the old rajpur village: If you enjoy walking through interesting settlement, then this is a recommended walk for you to take. at the end of the arterial rajpur road , lies the old village of rajpur which is inhabited by people who are mix of Tibetan , Punjabi and garhwali origin , with a sprinking people visiting from abroad .rajpur village or dakpatti is on a steep slope of approximately 2 kilometres .

    The climb start from just beyond the famous rajpur ‘pakora –wala’s shop ‘. As you walk, you will see beautifuuly carved facades that a now part of crumbling structures.




  • Forest research institute (FRI)-
    Seven kms from Clock Tower and just short of IMA is the magnificent building of the Forest Research Institute.

    FRI was built by the Britishers to impart forestry training in India. The main building houses some very thought provoking museums relating to different facets of forestry and it's studies. The institute today is a premier institute for training of fresh Indian Forest Service(IFS) recruits.

  • Wadia Institute
    From an intersection along the Chakrata Road, 5 Kms from Clock Tower on General Mahadeo Singh Marg is located the Wadia Institute of Himalayn Geology. The institute houses a unique museum on the Uttaranchal Glaciers.

  • Indian Military Academy (IMA)-
    The Indian Military Academy became functional from 1st October 1932 with a course strength of 40 Gentlemen Cadets.

    Brigadier L. P. Collins, DSO, OBE was the first Commandant. The IMA building in Dehradun is known as Chetwode Building after the name of Field Marshal Sir Philip Chetwode, who was then the Commander-in-Chief of India. IMA is located at 8 kms on Dehradun-Chakrata road and 3 kms beyond F.R.I.

  • Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP)-
    The Indian Institute of Petroleum is located in the beautiful valley of Dehradun situated at the foothills of Himalayas.

    The Institute was setup in October 1959, as a National Laboratory under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to provide technological backup and to train the cadres required for the petroleum industry.

  • Survey Of India-
    Survey of India, the National Survey and Mapping Organisation of the country, under the Department of Science & Technology, is the oldest Scientific Department of Govt. of India. The Survey India has been situated in Dehradun since 1845 and has in its museum the original Theologize used by Lambton and Everest. Rajpur Road, has its main office here, where maps of many place in India can be gotten. Open Mon to Fri 10 am to 4pm.




  • Doon School
    Dehra Dun is located at 675 meters above sea level in the Doon Valley. It is about 250 kms north-east of Delhi and is well connected to the capital by road and rail and now by air.

    The Doon School nestles in the Doon Valley with the magnificent Garhwal Himalayas to the north and the sal-clothed Shivaliks to the south. On the east and west, the Valley is bound by two of India's most famous rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna. The climate has three main seasons- the summer heat is confined to mid-April, May and June followed by a long wet monsoon from July to September.

  • Welham Boys School
    Spread over 32 acres encircled by over 700 trees, with the Himalayan foothills providing the backdrop and facing the Rispana River, stands the Welham Boys School, Dehra Dun.

  • Welham Girls School
    The school is located in the prime residential area of Dehra Dun. It is equipped with spacious classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories for Science, Computer science and for Home Science, and two well-stocked libraries.


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Pick & Drop Service

By Road

Dehradun is well connected with road to all parts of the country and can easily be traveled in a bus or taxi from almost anywhere.

There are two bus stands. Deluxe/semi-deluxe bus services operate between Dehradun and Delhi, Shimla and Mussoorie. These services operate from ISBT(Inter State Bus Terminus) near clement Town. From the Delhi bus stand on Gandi Road, a new AC Deluxe Volvo bus services by UASRTC has started. Bus services to Mussoorie, operated by UKTC at a frequency of 15 mins to 70 mins. is available from ISBT.

Private bus companies also operate services between Dehradun and neighbouring centres and villages. Bus services are centered at Private Local Bus stand , Prade Ground.


Distance From Dehradun
Local Area
Airport 22km
Bus Station(ISBT) 13km
Railway Station 06km

By Train

Dehradun is a major railway station of Northern Railways and is well connected with direct trains to almost all the big cities of India. Some of the major ones are Delhi-Dehradun shatabdi' AC special, Mussoorie Express, Jan Shatabdi, Dehradun Express, Howrah-Dehradun Express, Chennai-Dehradun Express, Bandra-Dehradun Express, Indore-Dehradun Express etc. By Air : The Jolly Grant Airport , 25 kilometres from Dehradun, is well connected with the Delhi airport. Kingfisher, Deccan, MDLR have daily flights between the two airports.

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